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Gifts for Nathan!

It’s Nathan’s birthday on the 21st June.

For a whet (a young witch) to become a full, adult witch they go through a Giving ceremony on their 17th Birthday. The Giver gives the whet three gifts, whispers a spell and the whet must drink the blood of his/her parents or grandparents.

But what 3 gifts would you give Nathan?

I’ve come up with a long list of possibilities, but haven’t decided yet which ones I would give him. The gifts don’t need to be valuable or even sentimental: a flower, a stone or a feather might be appropriate for Nathan.

Here’s my list to select from:-

– a silver bracelet (a manly one!)

– a sheepskin

– a leaf

– a piece of Welsh slate

– a photograph of Arran, Deborah and Gran

– a photograph of Annalise

– a photograph of his mother, Cora, and his father, Marcus


Or maybe I should give him something practical:-

– a new pair of boots (or would this count as two things? – I wouldn’t want to risk messing up the Giving)

– socks

– pants

– jeans

– shirt

– belt

– penknife

– torch

– anger management lessons

– driving lessons (he is 17)

– blood donor card (now he has turned 17)


What would you give? Have you any better suggestions?It’s Nathan’s birthday on 21st June – I’ll reveal my choices after his birthday.