BookAddictedGirl loves Gabriel!

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This week, TheBookAddictedGirl ( guest blogs for us about her favourite character from the Half Bad series…

“My favourite character from the Half Bad series has to be Gabriel.  Gabriel is a Black Witch stuck in a fain (magic-less) body – his shape-shifting gift backfired and now he’s trapped, unable to change back, unable to access his gift.  Gabriel is French-Swiss and has a rather tragic background.  He’s handsome and has a delicious accent.  When we first meet Gabriel, he’s just helping Nathan so Mercury will help him get his powers back, but before long… Gabriel’s motivations change.  He’s always there for Nathan, even if he doesn’t like what Nathan is doing.  Gabriel is the best friend anyone could hope for – he’ll be loyal to the end, support you to the end, and kill for you if necessary.

Gabriel is a character I never expected to like.  Thanks to my Harry Potter programming, I thought I shouldn’t like dark witches.  But while Gabriel may have been born a Black Witch, he isn’t evil.  In fact, he’s a lot like the lovely Arran – selfless, kind, protective.  But what really drew me to Gabriel, made him my favourite, was his edge – the streak of danger that says he will kill without a second thought to protect the ones he loves.  He’s confident, sexy, intelligent and so strong.  As a girl who loves bad boys with a good heart, I never stood a chance against Gabriel’s charms – especially when we found out his love of books and poetry!  Be still, my beating heart.

When I close my eyes and see Gabriel, I see someone tall, dark and gorgeous: muscular, perfect features, intense brown gaze…  He’s beautiful, he’s irresistible, he’s got a hint of danger around him – an absolute confidence in himself.  He’s always well-dressed, carrying a battered poetry book, sporting those signature sunglasses…  Perfect.

Gabriel’s loyalty is hard-won, but ever-enduring.  The one person to whom he’s truly, wholly loyal is Nathan – their bond is one of the best things about the book.  He has allies in other Black Witches, but I get the feeling he doesn’t truly trust them – not like he does Nathan.

I also love the times he and Nathan lounge around, talking, getting to know one another.  I so ship Nathriel, by the way.  They are best friends, confidants, perfect for one another…

Finally, my very favourite Gabriel quote.  This one is easy.  “I’ll stay with you always; go where you go always.  I don’t want to be anywhere else.  I couldn’t stand to be anywhere else.”

Ah, Gabriel.  I love and hate a lot of characters in the Half Bad series, but he… he is the one who affects me most.  Dark, dangerous, loving, warm, beautiful.  So many juxtapositions, such an amazing man.”

– Guest post by TheBookAddictedGirl: